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源起於美國晶晶兒童合唱團(創立於1994),晶晶兒童合唱團台灣團於2000創立於台灣新竹。經過多年在兒童合唱教育的耕耘,晶晶兒童合唱團台灣團已經發展為一個有 400 多位團員的合唱藝術團體,以推動優質合唱藝術以及融合東西方的音樂傳統為宗旨。

Crystal Children's Choir-Taiwan was established in Hsinchu, Taiwan in 2000 as originated from Crystal Children's Choir in USA founded in 1994 . With years of dedication to children's choral music education, Crystal Children's Choir-Taiwan has grown into a 400 plus member choral music art organization with its mission to strive for choral music excellence and blending the best of Eastern and Western musical traditions.